He Gets Me.


I may not be the happiest in the mornings, but he loves me anyway.
I may not have control over my anxiety at times but he loves me anyway.
I may make mistakes as a mum, as a wife, as a woman, but he loves me anyway.
I may speak too passionately and argue my point, but he loves me anyway.
I may like things done in a certain way which can be overbearing, but he loves me anyway.
I may not always love myself, but he loves me.

Because he gets me.

He sees the good in me. He sees that I try. I work hard to better myself.
I own up to my mistakes. My flaws. I say sorry and I mean it.
He sees how far I’ve come, and he’s been there every step.

We may not be perfect. But we grow together.

He gets me. And I get him.

My best friend. My partner in life. Our boys’ daddy. My husband.
The one who I’ve travelled the world with, the one whose arms feel like home.
The one who shares the same values and goals, the one who keeps us safe.
The one who shows us what it means to be kind, the one who always makes us laugh.
The one who takes care of his family, the true definition of a man, dad and husband.

16 years ago I promised to answer when you called. 9 years ago I vowed to do life with you.

Thank you for getting me. Thank you for loving me.

Happy Anniversary babe. I love you.


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