Ben Turns Five.



Turning five is a big deal and I cannot wait to see your smile on Wednesday morning when you wake up as a five year old. I absolutely love celebrating your birthday and am so excited for the fun we’re about to have this week!

To start off your Birthday week, here’s a list of things that I love about you. The list of things is actually endless, but here are 60- one for every month you’ve been in my life.

I love…

  1. Your smile
  2. Your laugh
  3. Your laugh when you laugh too much and your eyes close and your head goes back and no noise comes out of your mouth because you can’t really breath
  4. Your warm heart
  5. Your cuddles, especially on Sunday mornings or when everyone else is sleeping and I sneak into your bed with you
  6. How smart you are
  7. How much you know about the things you love like soccer, dinosaurs, Lego and Hot Wheels to the point where you’re almost obsessive
  8. How dedicated you are to learning new things especially writing, reading and maths
  9. How well you listen to your teachers
  10. How well you listen to your soccer coaches
  11. How well behaved you are (most times)
  12. How easily we can reason with you (most times)
  13. How observant you are
  14. How empathetic you are, especially when you see me sad and come hug me and say “it’s ok mama, I’ll always be with you”
  15. When you say “love you too”
  16. When you say “hoot hoot” when daddy says “see you in the morning” when we tuck you in at night
  17. How big you’re getting
  18. That you let me take hundreds of photos of you each day
  19. When we have Snapchat fun
  20. When we play fight and you always wanna be on “mama’s team”
  21. How much you love your new clock
  22. How excited you get when I pick you up from kinder
  23. How much you love kinder
  24. How much you love your friends
  25. That you play “police & biscuits”
  26. That only me, you, daddy, Ivan and his mum know what “police & biscuits” is
  27. That you talk to your pretend friends on the phone as if they’re real
  28. That you know they’re pretend but do it anyway
  29. That you finally are accepting of Hudson
  30. How much you love being a big brother
  31. How much you love Hudson
  32. That you brush your teeth on your own
  33. When you take the ipad in the toilet to watch YouTube and when I ask why you say because “daddy takes his phone when he goes to the toilet”
  34. The youtube videos that we make together and how proud you are when they’re done, even if the only views are from you watching them over and over
  35. How much you love your family especially nanna, nannu, dedo and baba
  36. That you remember who baba Kita is and I know you’ll never forget her
  37. That you spend an hour each morning telling us about your dreams
  38. That you don’t know how to cover yourself during the night so call daddy to help
  39. When you play soccer in the house with dad, or FIFA with dad, or Hot Wheels with dad… or anything with dad
  40. When we bake a cake
  41. Going on adventures with you
  42. #SundayFunday with you
  43. That you’re scared of heights (because it makes you vulnerable)
  44. That you always try to make new friends no matter where we are
  45. That you pee in the bath (#BadMum altert)
  46. How excited you get over a “chocolate egg” (kinder surprise)
  47. That you love eating fruit
  48. That you’re starting to eat more food and you’re not such a fussy eater anymore
  49. That you wanna be a daddy when you grow up.. just like your daddy
  50. That you love New York as much as we do
  51. That whenever you want to say a high number you always say “500 billion billion 50 billion million thousand” as if that’s the biggest number there is
  52. When you get shy when I ask you if a girl is pretty
  53. That you don’t stop talking when we’re in the car
  54. That you scream in excitement over just about anything
  55. That you don’t bite your nails anymore
  56. Our little family code words like “popcorn” and “little pond”
  57. Every minute that I spend with you
  58. When you fall asleep in my arms
  59. That you’re happy and you know how much mama, daddy and Hudson love you.
  60. That you’ve been counting down to your 5th Birthday since your 4th.

Happy Birthday week baby!



Kat x

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