Dear Ben,

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My little man. My bestie. The coolest little dude I know.

You’re about to become a big brother and your whole world is about to change. Our whole world is about to change. For so long it’s been mama, daddy and you. But now there’s going to be another little person coming into our family and although you’ve proven you’re old enough to understand so far, I really don’t know how you’re going to react once we come home and start our new life as a family of four.

My one wish during this change is that you know just how much we love you. How much I love you. You were and always will be my first true love. I didn’t know what it meant to love someone so much that it hurt, until I had you. That will never change.

A few things will change though. #WednesdayFunday won’t be just you and me anymore. #SundayFunday and games night won’t be just you, me and daddy anymore. Bath time will be different. Dinner time will be different. Going to the soccer will be different. Our morning cuddles will be different. Play time in the toy room will be different. Taking you to and from kinder will be different. Going to the shops will be different. Exploring the city, parks and playgrounds or the mountains will be different. Swimming in the pool will be different. Going on holidays and to dedo’s cabin will be different. A lot of things will be different.

But no matter what changes come, know that we will always have fun. We will always make time to do what you want to do, and what we’ve always done. I will always make time for Benny and mama time, and daddy will always make time for Benny and daddy time. We will consciously make an effort to show you just how special and important you are! You are kind, caring, funny, smart and warm. We are so proud of you and I never ever want you to feel like we’re not.

You’ve wanted a brother for so long and now finally, you’ll get to meet him in just one week! He may not do much at first. He’ll sleep and cry and poo. That’s what babies do! But he’ll soon start to smile, laugh and start making funny noises. Then he’ll learn to crawl, talk, walk and he’ll be able to play with you.He’ll be your best friend forever. Just by how much he moves around now when you’re near him, I know he loves you already.

I can’t wait to see you both together. My two little boys, who together with daddy, will complete my life. You three will be what I live for, you already are.

I know you can’t read this yet, or comprehend it even if you could read it. So I’ll show you one day when you’re a little bit older, just so you know that I thought about you as much as I thought about your baby brother during this change.

I love you more than you’ll ever know baby.

Love, mama.

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Kat x

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